Press & Media Information: 
Frequently Asked Questions

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Media Entrance

For all events, media is required to enter through the main entrance after receiving credentials. Media will not be allowed to enter the buildin through any alternative entrances. Upon arrival, media must be prepared to have their bags, gear, equipment etc. searched for security purposes. 


Individual(s) with the intent to publish photos, videos, or additional coverage of events through print or broadcast media must have proper credentials. 

For press and media requests or inquries, please fill out the Photo & Media Application. Submitting a request does not guarantee approval.

Photo Passes

Requests for photo passes must be submitted in advance and approved by the show or tour. Approved photographers should report to the box office at least one-hour prior to the event. Our management team will provide photo passes and escort photographers to approved press areas. Proper equipment is required.

Futher inquiries regarding The Factory in Deep Ellum and/or The Studio at the Factory may be forwarded to the Marketing Department via email.

Approved Press & Media

Applicants will be notified at least one day before the event if you are approved for coverage. 

If approved; review tickets, photo passes, and additional credentials will be available for pick-up approximately one-hour prior to the event at The Factory in Deep Ellum or The Studio at the Factory Box Office. Photo I.D. is required.